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Who we are

The rate of our growth is unparalleled by any other store chain in Germany. Having started off with 158 stores in 2010, we now have round about 700 stores in German town centers, shopping malls and specialist stores.

In the near future, we aim to have 1,500 stores in Germany.

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Our concept

We stock a wide range of items for everyday needs. This includes, for example, home textiles, household items, fashion for women, men and children, decorative and drugstore items, stationery and haberdashery as well as a colorful selection of gift items. Thanks to our diverse and attractive range, we serve a broad target group, including trainees and students, families and pensioners.

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Our concept

We offer our customers a wide range of everyday products, such as home textiles, household goods, fashion for men, women and children, decorative items, drugstore products, stationery, smallwares and a diverse array of gift items. On top of our high-quality own brands, our range includes products from renowned brands which can be complemented with great-value promo items!

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Interior design

In order to offer our customers a pleasant shopping atmosphere, the stores have been continuously modernized since 2010. The color-coordinated store design concept, the pleasantly warm feel-good lighting and the attractive range of goods invite customers to browse and shop and ensure that our customers are happy to return.

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Where are we searching for stores?

  • Heavily frequented pedestrian zones and shopping areas in town centers (preferably 1A locations), city centers, shopping malls and attractive retail park locations
  • Easy to reach, sufficient parking spaces
  • Strong surroundings with food, drug and textile stores

What we expect from your property

  • 500–2,000 m² sales area
  • 100–200 m² ancillary area
  • Delivery zone for trucks
  • Preferably first floor areas
  • Escalator or elevator for multi-story areas
  • Sufficient front width/good visibility

Grow with us

We focus on healthy growth as a modern and innovative local supplier. With our large network of stores, we have the best conditions for this. Our goal is to be the largest local supplier in Germany in a few years' time. To achieve this, we want to consolidate our network of locations to 1,500 stores in Germany.

For this reason, we are constantly looking for suitable properties - whether new construction projects or existing properties.

Help us achieve this! 

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