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New and permanent in our range

Discover our new and permanently stocked Woolworth products at super low prices and immerse yourself in a world of variety and affordability. From innovative household goods to trendy decorations, we have everything your heart desires.

 Haushalt Schuessel und Tassen


Get your household ready and discover a wealth of practical solutions at incredibly low prices at Woolworth's! From kitchen utensils to storage solutions, we offer a wide range of affordable household products to make your everyday life easier and organize your home. Be inspired by our selection and find the perfect items to transform your home into an oasis of order and efficiency - you'll find everything you need at Woolworth!

Katzen Schale Schwarz und Weiß
Katzen Tasse Schwarz und Weiß
Rosa Kinder Trinkflasche
Gelbe Zitruspresse
Schneidebretter in zwei Groeßen
Unterschiedliche Kuehlschrankorganizer
Mandala Besteckteile Golden
Gruenes Geschirr Reactive
Holzglas inklusive Loeffel

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