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Stationery for every stage of education

Your key to successful learning and creative writing! Discover high-quality pens, notebooks and more that will accompany you from elementary school to everyday working life. Our stationery is not just a tool, but also an expression of your individual style.

School enrollment checklist - how to start school successfully!

Ready to start school? - This checklist tells you what you need and how to start school stress-free! 

Satchel - Step-by-step: 

Whether it's a school bag for boys or a school bag for girls, finding the perfect school bag involves more than just choosing the right design! Factors such as fit, weight and suitability for transportation are the main criteria for choosing the right school bag.

We advise you to consider these three factors:

Step 1

Backpack straps

  • Make sure that the school bag sits well on your child's back. The weight should be well distributed so that the straps do not constrict the neck too much with a heavier backpack.

Step 2

Backpack weight

  • When filled, the school bag should not weigh more than 10-12% of the child's weight

Step 3


  • The school bag should be equipped with reflectors!

Kati Conrad's satchel

Would you like to find out more about choosing the right school bag? Kati Conrads and her husband Dr. René Conrads (orthopaedic specialist) will show you what you should look out for.

Your Must-haves

Alongside the school bag, the pencil case is one of the most important items that should not be missing. To make sure you don't forget anything when buying, we have listed the most important points for you:

School cone

Lunch boxes

Pencil case

Drinking bottle

Colored pencils

Gym bag & neck pouch

You can also expect:

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Secondary school

Woolworth stationery is also essential for your next level of education. Our high-quality pens, notepads and pencil cases will accompany you on this new educational journey. 

Whether you're taking notes in secondary school, doing homework or preparing presentations - our wide range of stationery is the perfect companion, even into your studies or training.


High-quality stationery is also indispensable in professional life. Whether you are a teacher, trainee teacher or work in an office - our products will support you. 

From cool pens to notepads and practical pens, we offer a wide range of products for everyday work. Our stationery is not just a tool, but also an expression of your individual style.

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