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Light up your garden with solar magic from Kati Conrads & Woolworth

The first rays of spring and the chirping of birds herald a new season. Kati Conrads, in collaboration with Woolworths, presents essential garden and balcony accessories. Discover solar lamps and transform your outdoor space into an inviting retreat full of life and light.

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Solarlampen in verschiedenen Groessen

Cozy evenings, even when dusk sets in

With Kati Conrads and Woolworth, every evening outdoors becomes a special experience. Our practical solar lamps create a cozy lighting atmosphere for long evenings with friends and family. Available in different sizes to suit every need.

Solarlampen in drei Groessen
Solarlampen in drei Groessen
Solarlampen in drei Groessen

Discover beautiful solar torches with flame effect in three different sizes at Woolworths. These torches are rechargeable by daylight and switch on automatically when it gets dark. The detachable head also allows them to be used as table lighting.

Garten - Gedeck fuer den Tisch

Stylish table decorations for unforgettable moments

Create your favorite garden moments this year with a delicious barbecue or a cozy breakfast with your loved ones. And what shouldn't be missing? The matching tableware at mega prices!

kleiner Teller in beige
kleine Schüssel
großer Teller in beige
große Schüssel in beige
Glas mit Riffelung
Hohes Glas mit Riffelungen
Holzschalen groß
Tiefe Holzschalen
Großes Holztablet
Holzschalen flach

Discover comprehensive information about our high-quality products now. Watch the matching videos presented by Kati Conrads. Immerse yourself in the world of our products and be inspired by the wide range of possibilities.

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