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Laptop backpack and bag with an incredible price-performance ratio

Powered by CHIP - From 04.04.2024 you can experience the fusion of style and functionality in the unique laptop bag and laptop backpack. Elegance meets innovation - be inspired by outstanding quality and a wide range of features - all at a great price!

CHIP Laptoptasche und -rucksack

Innovative and affordable laptop backpack and bag

At Woolworth's you'll find a wide selection of waterproof and spacious laptop backpack and bag, powered by CHIP. These not only protect your laptop from bumps and scratches, but also offer additional storage space for accessories and personal items. Whether for everyday use, traveling or at work - the common models meet different needs and are both functional and stylish.

CHIP Laptoptasche
CHIP Laptoprucksack

Innovative organization with Woolworth and Chip

The well-designed backpack and bag not only offer a safe place for your laptop or tablet, but also an organizer compartment with keys, a special cell phone compartment, pen holder and practical card slots

With unlimited energy everywhere

The built-in USB charging slot in our laptop bag and laptop backpack opens up a world of limitless energy. This feature not only allows you to seamlessly insert your power bank into the bag, but also gives you the freedom to charge your smartphone or other USB devices on the go. Whether you're out and about in the city or traveling, this solution keeps you connected wherever you are, without compromising on style and convenience.

Stylish protection in any weather

Our waterproof zippers are the ultimate promise for the safety of your valuable devices, even in the most demanding conditions. This performance not only ensures that rain has no chance of reaching your electronic companions, but is also a statement of unwavering protection and style. 

Secure protection and unsurpassed comfort

Our innovative laptop backpack and bag set new standards for the protection and carrying comfort of laptops up to 16 inches thanks to the padded laptop compartment with fixing strap and tablet compartment. 

The clever fixing strap on the inside not only ensures secure storage, but also prevents the laptop from slipping out unintentionally. A clever detail that not only ensures security, but also harmonizes with the design - for today's modern, mobile lifestyle.


Powered by CHIP - Discover the versatile functions of our exclusive laptop backpack. The stylish backpack not only offers optimum protection for your laptop, but also practical features that make your everyday life easier. And all at an unbeatable price!

Always at hand thanks to the intelligent design

The strategically placed headphone slot on the side of the backpack is a functional addition that you can't do without. This practical design allows you to always have your headphones to hand - whether you're waiting for your train, getting on your bike or simply listening to your favorite songs at any time.

The innovative headphone network for your dynamic lifestyle

Experience a new level of freedom and innovation with our special headphone net on the carrier. This innovative feature takes stowing to a higher level by allowing you to move around freely while stowing your headphones. The headphone net not only creates a smart way to store your headphones without having to take off your backpack, but also defines the standard for the modern, dynamic lifestyle - a perfect symbiosis of freedom and innovation.

Practical and safe storage for sunglasses

With the easily accessible glasses holder on the strap of our laptop backpack, you can effortlessly take off and store your glasses without worrying about them getting damaged inside your backpack. Never again will you have to rummage in your bag - instead, your glasses will be placed on the strap, always at hand and ready to complete your look. This well thought-out feature combines functionality and aesthetics to make your everyday life easier.

Laptop bag

Powered by CHIP - Experience outstanding quality and versatile features in our laptop bag. This stylish bag not only offers protection for your laptop, but also practical features that make your everyday life easier. And all at an unbeatable price!

Comfortable portability

Experience more than just stylish accessories - discover our laptop bag, powered by CHIP, at an unbeatable price and thus an intelligent companion for modern everyday life. Our laptop bag with the padded shoulder strap not only offers outstanding comfort and pressure relief, but also prevents friction and irritation. The individual adjustment allows you to adapt the bag perfectly to your body size. And not to forget: The durability of the padded shoulder strap ensures reliable companionship for many years to come - whether in the hustle and bustle of city life or on business trips.

Optimal protection for your laptop

The padded compartment protects your valuable items from bumps, shocks and scratches. The soft padding wraps your laptop securely and prevents damage during transport. Whether you're commuting to work, at university or travelling, the padded laptop compartment offers safety and comfort. It also offers space for accessories such as a charger, mouse, notebook and pens, so you can work or study in an organised way. The versatility of the padded laptop compartment also allows you to store tablets, e-readers and other electronic devices, as it adapts flexibly to your needs.

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