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„More than 140 years ago, the Woolworth brand helped shape retail as we know it. Our Mission Statement states what Woolworth stands for and where our journey is leading. We are proud that we are still leading the discount business in Germany, and soon also in Europe, to success. To inspire people with a wide range of products and great value for money, and to shape the future of stationary retail – that is our mission!“ 

Roman Heini, CEO


We are Woolworth.

We invented the discount store way back in 1879. Since then we have played a key role in shaping the retail sector and are now the fastest-growing retail chain in Germany. We have offered a wide range of products at low prices for over 140 years. We’re your friendly neighborhood store – quick and easy to get to, with a diverse range of useful products.

We offer our everyday products at fair prices and maintain a clear focus on what our customers actually need.

Our vision

In the near future, we aim to have 1,500 stores throughout Germany and thus become Germany’s biggest and most popular retail chain. With the rapid pace of our expansion, the continuous development of our range and sales concept and our many years of experience in stationary retail, we will begin rolling out our unique, flexible retail format in other countries in 2023. In the medium term, we aim to establish a network of 5,000 locations across Europe.

Our strategy

Everyone young and old values Woolworth as a local store.

With Woolworth, families and all price-conscious people can afford their own personal style, good quality at a fair price and a beautiful home at the same time. We achieve this through rapid growth, passing on volume advantages and a lean and deliberately simple organization. This is how we make good things affordable. With products from the household, clothing and decoration sectors, we put our customers and their homes at the heart of everything we do. We work every day to surprise our customers with new ideas at low prices.

Our values

We are merchants and treat our customers as equals. We live and breathe our principle of fairness with our employees and view our suppliers as partners. For us, low prices and high quality are not mutually exclusive.

We conduct ourselves responsibly!

As a large retail company, we take responsibility for people and the environment. For example, we have been supporting the help and hope foundation, which helps children in need, since 2010. We live and breathe fairness and justice, and use them as a basis for all of our decisions. Responsible use of resources is a matter of great importance to us, which is why we are committed to optimizing processes and saving energy for the good of the environment.

Woolworth says thank you.

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